Sunday, 27 April 2008

New Finds

I was lucky enough to win a couple of really nice Ebay items this week. I doIn't really have anything of interest to blog about so thought i'd share. I haven't received these yet, photos are direct fom the auctions. (I am still waiting for my box of amazing dolls that I blogged about, the suspense is killing me..)

Anywho, the first is this beautiful Big Eyed girlie. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and so did someone else ;) Well I kinda got a bit carried away with my bidding (trying to get over their autobid) and spent WAY over my doll limit (which is normally around $35ea, + the $20 I normally pay in shipping) and ended up spending ovr $100NZ (around $80US) on her... OOPS lol she is amazing though! I might have to think about parting with some of my less lovely dolls to pay for this damn addiction! I could always sell some of my vintage dresses that NEVER wear haha
Isn't her outfit fabulous??? I wish I could get away with high waisted skirts.. but alas I am way too short and end up looking really weird.

Next are these vintage japanese dolly heads. I actually lost this auction but the seller had more so offered me a second chance (yay!). I have no clue what i'm going to do with these yet, maybe find some really cool silk flowers and stick them all in a vase. I do want to at some point attempt to make a doll body for one of my floating heads lol as I now have quite a few. I guess I could always buy a cheap bradley and rip off the head and use the body haha sounds quite gruesome.

Southern Belle Makeover

I recently bought a couple of ugly bradley dolls to remake into mod girls. I do wish they had bendy legs but I guess you can't have everything right? ;) To the left is the before (obviously) as you can see she is quite repulsive in this state. Her dress was torn at the bottom and her lipstick had completely faded.. not to mention that hat! Eeeeck. and on your right is the new and improved model!

Her new outfit is made from Sis Boom fabrics (which I just love). I repainted her lips and eyeshadow and also her shoes which were originally an off white. I added the little umbrella which I stole from one of my Italian Raincoat dollies. All in all, MUCH better.

Finally here is a picture or well two of my gorgeous baby girl... just because!

Monday, 21 April 2008

I am a terribly lazy blogger. Today my baby girl fell off a chair face first and chipped her cute lttle front baby tooth. I am SO so sad about it.. I guess at least it wasn't an adult tooth but still, :( Its not really really bad but bad enough that it's noticeable. I wonder if they could cap it, I don't know if they would bother though seeing as it's just going to fall out anyway.

Anyway, on to a more cheery topic.. The lovely City put me on to a neat website that creates custom lasercut jewellery (and anything else you can think of!) based on your own designs. The prices are pretty good too so i'm definitely going to look into creating some stuff.
Speaking of creating, I ordered myself 20 postcards and some sticker packs with my doll art/photography so they'll be available soon too.

I decided to get back into my sewing also and just tonight finished off a bag from my own pattern (basic flat bottemed tote). I can't follow commercial patterns to save myself so have to work it out from scratch. It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought but still quite time consuming as I had to satin stitch all the inside seams (I need an overlocker!) I have added a picture of the finished product. I can't decide wether I should keep this one or sell it off.. I also have no clue how to price it. The Alice fabric was $16US (so around $20 for me NZ) per yard and I used
just over half that plus other costs and labour (roughly 3-4 hours from cut to finish). Then I gotta factor overseas shippng which would be around $10 (which is much higher than if someone was to buy domestic usa so thats a bit of an issue as well. Damn being stuck on an island in the
middle of nowhere ;) I might actually skip etsy and try my luck on or even that way its local and people expect to pay more ha sad but true.

I listed some of my brooches on etsy but last week but I haven't sold anything yet. I think the market is just too flooded with similar stuff. Oh well.

It is so cool to know that a couple of people are actually reading this and i'm not blabbing on to myself ;)

My massive (well 8 dolly) package hasn't arrived yet but I will post pictures as soon as it does. The amazing Annette ( sold me another amazing boxed sarco mop-pet doll w/dog (as well as 2 sweet mop-pet fairytale dolls) so my collection is definitely growing. At present (doll w/ dog wise) I have 6 mint, 1 kind of ratty (lol), 1 missing a base, and 3 more minty girls and a mystery fluffy haired girl on the way. Mystery because I spotted her amongst a bulk lot and asked the seller if she'd sell just her to me which she agreed to, $15 including shipping.. only problem is I have NO idea what condition she's in as the picture was small and blurry. I am hoping shes in good condition!! The ratty one i'm a bit annoyed about as the condition is much worse than the seller indicated.. actually the mail I received that day was awful. I received 3 dolls and all of them were dirty and worse than theirauctions indicated..sigh I guess you win some you lose some. I've posted pictures on flickr anyway so you can see for yourselves what I mean.

Okay i'm off to bed, ts 3am, oops.

I shall leave you with a photo of the sarco dollie (thanks annette!)

Sunday, 13 April 2008

More Dolls!

I found all these beautiful dolls from a seller on ebay, I was lucky enough to get them at a great price too! Excuse the crappy little photos, I haven't received them yet so they are just the ebay pics. I couldn't wait and had to share!! I will write a proper update tomorrow.