Sunday, 30 March 2008

Creation and Inspiration

I don't know what the heck happened to my photos in the last post.. They were fine last time I checked but half of them seem to have dissapeared into thin air. I am going to be trying a new style of blogging I think, just for fun.. I FINALLY got a imaging program on to this laptop so I can start creating again. I am however still waiting for my (err... all legal of course) copy of Adobe Creative Suite (which should be in the mail soon from my friend Rich in Canada). I've been without for so long, its been torturous not being able to do simple editing procedures (like smudge and dodge) one takes for granted when you have all the neccesary programs at your fingertips.

I want to start creating things again maybe to sell (at my new etsy shop? or craftwerk?) I had an idea of using some of my kitschy photos and getting them professionally printed (just 4x6) and mounting them as greeting cards.. that could be really cute, or even tiny printed gift cards. I have used in the past to print my phtos but every time they manage to mess up my size specifications, maybe i'll give them another chance as they're cheap, or I could just go to the mall and do it on one of those machines. Does flickr have any (international) print options yet? I haven't checked in awhile.. Last time I got myself some moo cards which are very cute, might get some more of those too.

Thinking out loud, thinking out loud.

Okay so next post will have photos and pretty things in a new format :D

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Happy Easter :D

Easter Display

So not a lot has happened in the last few days worthy of blogging about.. I wrote a little rant about ebay international sellers here, which had some interesting responses.

Easter thus far has been fairly chocolateless im afraid! Recently I discovered that i'm slightly allergic to chocolate :( How awful is that? very very very. It's not a serious allergy but everytime I eat it my mouth kinda gets itchy and the inside of my mouth itches like crazy, so uncool.
I did eat the peeps and malt balls I got from Gretchen (shop66) and a tiny bit of a chocolate bunny (oops couldn't resist!) oh and a few chocolate hot cross buns (again, oops). Mmmm easter is definitely one of my favourite times of year.

I am considering starting up an etsy shop selling bits and pieces, I guess i'm a little hesitant because of the shipping costs (being so high) - will people want to buy from me? I guess I wont know unless I try.. we'll see. I want to go on a massive thrift trip sometime soon as I haven't been in ages (6 months!?). New Zealand isn't exactly awesome for amazing finds but there are hidden treasures everywhere.. I just gotta get to them before everyone else.

Here are a few things i've found in the last week..

  • Vintage French Poodle Jewellery Box with three sided mirror. Made in Japan.

  • Vintage Chenille Chicks and Bunny

  • Big Eyed Bradley Doll with Dog

  • 3 Vintage Music Elf Knee Huggers

  • Vintage Kitty Toys + Vintage Japan Address Book + Diary

And also... this 'miss twisty' holiday fair doll, these crochet cuties and this sweet sitting pose doll here!

Have a great easter weekend everyone (anyone? haha) I promise to be a little more inspiring next post.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Vintage Decal Dolly Stools

I found these cute little mini stools awhile ago but had no idea what to do with them so I put them away at the back of the wardrobe until today when I decided to try out some of my vintage decals on them. I wasnt sure how well it would work but they turned out much better than expected! I think they look so cute :D I almost dont want to put anything on them and cover up the sweet little designs.

They are the perfect size to fit about 3 average size pose dolls on. The round ones are 7"x7" across + 6" high and the square one is 8"x8" + 3" high. I think I am going to use the rest of my decals on the unpainted hat boxes I bought.. I just need to get some paint test pots first :D might have to find some more of those stools!

(isn't the word stool hideous? ahaha) Here are the close ups of the decals :

I wonder if anyone would be interested if I did make them to sell. The legs screw on so they are fully collapsable for storing/shipping etc. Hmmm

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


I really want to start collecting animal planters again, especially deer and bunnies! I haven't really got much to write about today.. I have a whole heap of packages to box up to send tomorrow. I sold a whole heap of my memo pads so need to post those as well as a swap going off to Missouri. I was thinking about my doll collection and wether I should start focusing on a specific type, like the cute little girls with the chenille pups.. they are quite hard to come by and not cheap so it will mean I am forced to slow down on the buying which I really need to do anyway! I don't know.. I just love all of them and can't resist their ridiculously cute faces :D

Here are my current finds I am waiting to receive..

Well im literally being shoved off the computer by the old ball and chain as he wants to go to bed and im apparently not allowed to use the laptop in the same room while he sleeps.. it has to be pitch black and completely silent, ridiculous I say ;)

New Beginnings...

So I have decided to start blogging again.. to be honest I don't think I ever really started this one properly. I had a livejournal for many years but felt like too many people from the "real world" were being nosey an I just couldn't be bothered with the drama that went along with the community over there. Before livejournal I had my own personal website an as much as i'd like my own domain again I feel like there isn't really much point to it anymore. The age of social networking sites have somewhat eliminated the need of having one I guess.

I don't think I want to start airing my dirty laundry or anything like that, nothing overly personal.. I just want a place to write about things I love, stuff I find online and maybe the odd random rant here and there ;)

Now that i've done the obligatory introduction post, now what? well..

Today I received some pretty cool things in the mail. Receiving international parcels has become a bit of a habit recently.. I have been WAY overspending on ebay, its shocking. I am totally addicted to buying anything cute, vintage and japanese. At the moment i've been on a bit of an easter kick which is a bit silly as its prime easter shopping time so all the prices and bidders are are up, I should really wait until after April but I just can't resist some of the sweet things i've been seeing!

Easter Pose Bunny Vintage Bunny Knee Hugger

Now speaking of Ebay.. I am so pissed about all the changes that are going on. First it was the fee increase and announcement that sellers (as of May) will no longer be able to place engative feedback on buyers.. and now they have scrambled all user id's so its a pain in the butt trying to figure out (if at all) who you are bidding against. There are some positives to this such as people in certain circles who all bid for the same sort of items will no longer feel guilty for outbidding "friends" but I feel the negatives outweigh this. The most aggravating thing for me is scrambled ID = no search by bidder! I will admit to loving this (now non existent) feature. It is a fantastic way of finding items you may not have spotted through people you know collect the same things as you. Yeah its a bit cheeky but everyone did it so the likelyhood the same people I was searching, searched my ID also.

I am also really fed up with sniping services. I understand pro snipers logic that if you enter your maximum bid it should make no difference wether you are outbid 5 minutes or 5 seconds before auction close.. but like many people, my "maximum" is very rarely my MAXIMUM haha and I feel pissed that I don't get a chance to up the amount. Over on my local auction website I feel they've got things right. You only pay fees when items sell which means you can relist and relist until the item is sold and secondly they have a 2 minute auto extend which means anyone who plces a bid in those last 2 minutes extends the auction by another 2 which gives any previous bidders a chance to re evaluate their bids also. It also means the seller may make mre on items especially if two people really want it and keep bidding right at the end and it will keep extending until no more bids are placed in those final 2 minutes.

Wow, i've really rambled haha and all over buying crap online.. bit sad really :P

Speaking of crap, here are some more purchases from the last few days!

Vintage Pyjama DollDakin Clown Elf Doll

I was going to write a post abut my dollie makeover but I think I may leave that until next time. I've got a splitting headache and its already 1.38am so I think bed time may just be the answer...