Friday, 31 October 2008

kraftbomb stall!

Me (in the glasses) and Kessia (who was lovely enough to sit with me and help out)

Thanks to Chris and Karla who snapped everyone on the day!


As promised I scanned a few images from the books I got off yesasia. I tried to take them so they could be printed out but they came out a little dark, but hopefully still usable.

Kiichi Tsutaya (1914-2005)
website :

Rune Naitou (1932 - 2007)
website :

Makoto Takahashi (1934 -)
website :

Junichi Nakahara (1913-1983)
website :

Monday, 27 October 2008

October Kraftbomb + Nurie

Kraftbombs Halloween Extravaganza went really well this month! I sold over $150 worth of goodies which made me super duper happy as last time it was a lot quieter and I was worried it was an indication of my items but im feeling a lot more confident now. Thanks to anyone reading this who purchased from my stall and also a big thank you to Kessia who helped me make sales and pass the time :) She also made some delicious halloweeny meringues which I scoffed down 5 minutes after taking them home!

Guess what, I didn't take my camera... i've come to the realisation that I need to buy a small compact model that easily fits in my bag. I just loathe the idea of lugging around my giant sony828. Its funny because I used to have a tiny slimline sony that I sold to help pay for "the beast" but now im regretting it. Of course it takes MUCH better photos but thats a bit pointless if I never get to use it anywhere but at home. There should be a couple of snaps of my stall though that i'll post once theyve been uploaded by their rightful owners.

So every month I comment on the exchange rate... well I thought it couldn't get any worse than what it was but hey the other day it dropped to a six year low of 54 cents. FIFTY FOUR CENTS!!!??? I mean seriously wtf. That means if I want to buy anything from the US its going to cost me DOUBLE. This is not good at all seeing as almost all my supplies are sourced overseas.
It must REALLY be hurting importers.. I heard the reason Real Groovy is in receivership is partly because of a huge import of crappy vinyl from the US that they just couldnt sell. Oh dear.
This is how I feel about it all :

Anyway bitch bitch whine whine..

Recently I discovered Nurie's which are basically Coloring Books for people other than preschoolers :P I have been buying a whole lot off yesasia and they are just amazing. My favourite are the artist series. Most begin with a dozen or so full colour illustrations by the artist and then follow with a whole heap of thick high quality blank backed coloring in pages which include the images at the front (which I guess are examples/reference). You can use paints, pencils, crayons, markers etc etc. Next post I will post some detailed photos.
For now here are a couple of pics from Renee's flickr (hope you don't mind me posting them!) They are from the Rune Naito Book. The drawings in this are quite simple in contrast to some of the other books i've got...but i'll post those tomorrow :)