Monday, 30 June 2008

I am the most useless blogger in the world, it's probably even official! I suck at updating.
I haven't really got any "news" as usual so i'll just share some fun stuff.

I won this lovely Missy the Model doll (and her dog Gigi) w/ box, I can't believe I got her as I was sure I would be outbid at the last minute. She looks gorgeous in the photos... can't wait to get her! Here she is :

Another super add to my collection are these vintage dakin dream dolly twins (and cow!). I only have one other like this so I was desperate for these.. I had lost an auction for a similar pair a little while ago so was so happy to see more listed! I feel bad though about having to outbid people I really like :( goes with the territory I guess...I've lost plenty of stuff recently too. Its so hard not to want every single thing that fits into that cute japanese cloth doll category. Anyway, here is a sneak peak until I can upload some pics of my own.

I received a super duper package from Annette (japanesesweetshop) today! I love getting big doll lots in the mail. These are YJ and Ebay finds via her. She is so sweet to help me out :) *big hugs and thanks* Heres the loot :D
and a couple of my own recent ebay finds... more things I really cannot afford but had to have!!

Ok enough enough..
I found a really cute site that I have to share!